Episode 11

Published on:

9th Nov 2020

Enabling your best self - Professional development in science

If you work in science then you are already highly skilled – very highly skilled. That doesn't necessarily mean there is no room to develop yourself though. It could be that you want to prepare for the next career move, brush-up on the latest technique or even concentrate on 'soft' skills. Whatever it might be, there will always be a demand for highly skilled individuals - and the good news is that if you want to develop yourself, you are not alone.

But where to start - well, there is no better place than professional bodies and learned societies. So, to get to the bottom of what is on offer and how to go about all this I spoke to Jessica Evans and Katie Dryden-Holt from the Royal Society of Chemistry. We touch on why you should be thinking of continuing your professional development, how to get help and why technicians especially should be afforded every opportunity to take advantage of CPD.

If you are interested in what the RSC can offer then please do click here to explore further.

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